IMG_2618Reese McKenzie, Founder and Head Trainer

Reese has a profound understanding of canine communication and training. Having trained dogs since 2005, he has developed an extensive knowledge in operant and classical conditioning and has developed unique and proven methods to deal with everything from basic obedience to problem solving more severe behaviors such as anxiety and aggression.

Reese has always had an innate ability with dogs, beginning with his first dog, a Rottweiler named Makaveli that he got when he was just 11 years old. By the time he got his second dog, a pit bull named Taz, he had begun to develop his skills as a dog trainer and he began volunteering with local training clubs to perfect his craft. He began learning dog sports, competitive level obedience and protection work and helping dog owners problem solve basic behaviors as a hobby. Word spread and eventually, Reese left corporate America to pursue his passion as a dog trainer.

He and his highly skilled team of professionals now offer private lessons and board and train programs throughout the DFW Metroplex.